October 30 Large Group Meeting

Our next large group meeting is Tuesday, October 30, 2018. We will use the same format as last time – three meetings with video conference at:

  • Vernal – USU campus in Vernal (320 N. Aggie Blvd.) in Room 101. Come through the main entrance, and it is the first door on your left.
  • Salt Lake City – Ray Quinney & Nebeker, 36 South State Street, Suite 1400
  • Denver – EPA Region 8, 1595 Wynkoop St. (ask for Chris Dresser)

If you cannot make it to one of the video conferences, please email Doris, and we can provide you a link to join from other remote locations. Agenda is here.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the sub-group meetings!


  1. Happy Halloween!
  2. Working Group Presentations – Goals, Objectives, and Next Steps (5-10 minutes each)
    1. Immediate proactive reductions (Stuart Siffring, Western Energy Alliance, and Rikki Hrenko, Enefit/Utah Petroleum Association)
    2. Crediting reductions (Bob Hammer, SLR International): Meeting notes Subgroup 10 29 18
    3. Helpful comparisons (Erik Vernon, BLM)
    4. Most effective reduction targets (Seth Lyman, Utah State University)
    5. Accounting for outside factors (Huy Tran, Utah State University)
    6. Jurisdictional alignment (Chris Dresser, EPA)
    7. Public relations and education  Ozone Grandma Message (Debbie Sigman, Breathe Utah)
  3. Group Discussion (20 minutes)
    1. Are all the groups useful? Timely?
    2. How to prevent duplication of efforts in sub-groups
    3. Coordinating efforts
    4. Timing and chronology of efforts
  4. Large Group Functions and Procedures (15 minutes)
    1. Coordination of working groups/efforts
    2. Large group decision-making processes
      1. What needs approval by the large group?
      2. Do we need a Sounding Board (leaders from each sector: local government, DEQ, EPA, Tribe, industry, environmentalists, technical/academia)? Steering Committee (appoint? Make up of Working Group Leaders?)? or just continue with loose and voluntary participation?
    3. Central source for submitting ideas, suggestions, complaints, questions
  5. Goals and Time for Next Meeting (10 minutes)


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