Next Meeting March 19

At the Feb 12 meeting,

  1. Ute Air Quality and Utah DAQ reported this winter’s ozone readings. As of 2/12 the Ouray monitor had just reached its 4th high (1 hour).
  2. Bingham Research Center has a custom email and Twitter system for issuing advance alert for ozone-forming activities (but not health alerts). Sign up at  or follow at @uairquality. N.B.:Predictions of the conclusion of an event have the least certainty.
  3. EPA reported it is beginning Advance Notice Proposed Rulemaking to create a credit banking system. We can expect an early spring timeframe.
  4. DAQ updated on WY emissions reductions programs.
  5. WEA updated on proposed emissions reductions programs, with strategy for enrollment, reporting, and leaderboard. Companies can sign up to participate here.
  6. BLM reported its meteorology research design. The full powerpoint is here.

The next meeting will be organized as usual, for 1 hour in Vernal and at satellite locations. The UBOWG will investigate an appropriate meeting date and location to gather in person this spring.

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