Next Meeting Feb 12

At the January 8 meeting,

  1. The Steering Committee was introduced: Dave McNeill, Utah Division of Air Quality; Bill Stringer, Uintah County; Mike Natchees, Northern Ute Air Quality Division; Debbie Burney‐Sigman, Breathe Utah; Bob Hammer, SLC Consulting; Chris Colclasure, Beatty & Wozniak; Stuart Siffring, Western Energy Alliance; James Woodall, Newfield; Marc Mansfield, Utah State University
  2. The revised Mission Statement was issued for public comment until Feb 12: The Uinta Basin Ozone Working Group is a collaborative forum to facilitate attainment of the ozone standard in the Uinta Basin. The Group includes representation from all government decision‐makers in the Uinta Basin, regulators, stakeholders, and experts. We aim to find and support solutions through increased understanding of high ozone incidents in the Basin, improved communication, and exploration of known and novel responses.
  3. WEA presented a compilation of emissions reductions measures: overview slideshow and comprehensive list.

The next meeting will be organized as usual, for 1 hour in Vernal and at satellite locations. The UBOWG will investigate an appropriate meeting date and location to gather in person this spring.

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