Meeting 2!

Thank you to all who organized, presented, and attended! The second meeting had as many participants as the first.

In two densely packed hours, we heard and discussed:

Breaking into Subgroups. The needs of an Ozone Work Group have been roughly divided into 7 categories. Participants/members who wish to have ongoing influence in the UBOWG should concentrate in at least one area. Until group leaders are identified to contact directly, please indicate any preferences in the Join/Participate form.

  1. Proactive responses to ozone events – technically feasible actions, motivating industry buy-in and reporting — Industry Only
  2. Identifying most effective emission reduction targets
  3. How to credit voluntary/pro-active reductions/Ozone Advance
  4. Comparison with other areas that have taken proactive steps to reduce ozone (Wyoming, Colorado, Four Corners)
  5. Accounting for factors outside of traditional regulation (background/inversions/ exceptional events etc.)
  6. Aligning regulations/credit/actions across the UB air sheds
  7. Public Engagement

Steering Committee. There is no formal steering committee at present, although organizing the UBOWG so far has been Folks Showing Up with Opinions. More formal appointments will likely come out of representation from the final Subgroups.

Next Meeting. October 25, 2 p.m. Locations to be announced. Update: Meeting will be October 30, 2 pm.

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